Oh, it’s your Birthday? Again? Happy Birthday floral card. Birthday Card - 150mm Square. New

Another year to celebrate not getting any… wiser or older! Maybe you really need to stop having these before you get old. This is a birthday card that is going to get a good laugh from everyone.

Paper stock: Tree Free Bamboo Natural 150mm Square: 380gsm

Envelope: Tree Free Bamboo Natural

Message: Blank inside for your own joyful message

Size: 150mm Square

Origin: Designed and made in the UK

Our 100% tree-free, bamboo greeting cards are made sustainably in the UK, using 75% bamboo and 25% cotton linters, so that you can take another step towards healing the planet. 

1/3 of our profit will go toward environmental and community good to help spread the Joy even further.

Naturally more sustainable, naturally Joyfuller®™